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As veteran police officers, we know the importance of approaching in-progress calls without being detected. This is done for officer safety reasons, and to catch criminals. At night, officers are able to turn off their headlights and use the cover of darkness for a tactical advantage when making their approach. That is, until they tap the brakes and the entire street is illuminated by the red glow of the brake lights.

The Night OPS™ Blackout System by 836 Technologies is the solution by temporarily and correctly disabling the brake lights on your patrol vehicle with a touch of a button. System Benifits Include:

  • Safety features greatly reduce department liability.
  • Inability to activate during daylight.
  • Automatic deactivation once the vehicle's headlights are turned on.
  • Automatic deactication after 30 seconds of ignition off time.
  • Will not affect the brake activated park lock, or the brake input signal to the vehicle's computer system.
  • Subtle visible and audible reminders that the system is engaged.
  • In the event of system failure, brake lights return to lights on mode.

This is not the toggle switch that we are all used to from the past. This is a state-of-the-art blackout system designed by police officers, for police officers.

  • We know what officers need.
  • We know the liability concerns of departments.
  • We know the installation concerns of fleet managers.

You will not find another vehicle black out system with the safety and operational benifits of the 836 Technologies Night Ops™

$265.00 MSRP - Contact us for a quantity order discount.

This item is sold to Law enforcement only. Validation will be made prior to shipment.